Roadside Assist Offer

Citroen Welcome - Roadside Assist

Citroën Confidence Service Offers For Vehicles 3+ Years

Roadside Assist Offer*

The Citroën dealer network has recently undergone significant changes, with new dealers and new staff who have undertaken a comprehensive factory-supported training program. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To thank you for having your next scheduled service at your Citroën service centre, we’ll automatically renew your comprehensive Citroën roadside assist plan for 12 months. What’s more, we’ll keep renewing it every time you service your Citroën with us.


20% Off Citroën Parts*

As an additional incentive to bring your Citroën back to your Citroën service centre for its scheduled servicing, we’ll give you 20% off all Citroën parts. And not just for your service, but for the next 12 months as well.


*At participating dealers only. Offers valid on Citroën vehicles with warranty start dates which are 3 years old or over. Offer ends June 30, 2018.