DS 4 Crossback The Avant-Garde Adventurer

DS 4 Crossback



    It’s reassuring to know you’re in a car that can tackle pretty much anything. We’ve designed DS 4 Crossback to enable your inner explorer to shake off the shackles. DS 4 Crossback won’t just take you further, we’ve designed it to do so in complete comfort. It’ll look good on the way too and the meticulously built cockpit will help you feel as at home outside the urban jungle as in it.



    DS 4 Crossback


    The styling of DS 4 Crossback brings the wide open spaces to mind. It is a compact vehicle with robust design features and a raised chassis. Dynamic and versatile, DS 4 Crossback is a go-anywhere car whose distinctive character is underlined by the DS brand’s new design signature, the DS Wings grille.

    DS 4 Crossback


    Designed for both urban adventures and distant destinations, DS 4 Crossback will satisfy your thirst for freedom. With its robust, attractive looks and raised driving position for a more relaxed drive, DS 4 Crossback delivers a unique onboard experience. Agile in the city and dynamic on long trips, DS 4 Crossback is a reliable companion on any journey.

    DS 4 Crossback


    At DS, we try to ensure form and function go hand in hand.

    DS 4 Crossback won’t just surprise you with its ability to conquer tricky terrain. It also has an interior built by craftsmen, using the finest materials we can find.

    We’ve designed DS 4 Crossback to be as versatile as possible. It has seating for five adults in comfort, a good sized boot and a powerful yet efficient BlueHDi turbo diesel engine. It also sits higher off the road. You won’t just appreciate this in the country where it allows DS 4 Crossback to clear obstacles. It also helps in town where better visibility is always a bonus.

    DS 4 Crossback


    A new expressive, captivating gaze. Each headlamp has 84 LEDs. These combine with a Xenon module to give a wide, white beam that reduces eye strain and uses less energy. Foglights follow the  steering to light corners. We call it DS LED Vision.



    Exclusive driving thrills.  The raised stance of DS 4 Crossback is combined with a confident, dynamic and agile road feel with improved suspension technology, underlined by intelligent traction control for better grip on slippery surfaces. Delivering a sense of enhanced driving pleasure and control for the driver. An ideal balance between comfort and performance.



    DS 4 Crossback is a comfortable and responsive vehicle combining a pleasant ambience with easily accessible controls and acoustic comfort:

    – body-hugging seats and a steering wheel with a broad flat section for a sense of enhanced driving pleasure and control
    – optimised comfort with dual-zone air conditioning featuring three levels of intensity and a REST function, which keeps the ventilation running for passengers a few minutes after the engine stops.

    DS 4 Crossback


    If you’re looking for technological innovations that make life easier, enjoy an enhanced high-tech driving experience with the new 7-inch colour touch screen.  This latest-generation screen features breakthrough improvements in terms of connectivity, convenience and functions. DS 4 Crossback lets you stay connected, with touch-sensitive navigation and cutting-edge MirrorLink® and CarPlay® technology to replicate and control the content of a compatible smartphone.

    DS 4 Crossback




    Live life to the full. DS 4 Crossback was designed for your lifestyle. Robust, elegant design allied with an agile and comfortable feel at the wheel. Avant-garde styling and a spirit of freedom that are typical of DS!

    A vehicle of compact dimensions with flowing, surging body lines, DS 4 Crossback is a vehicle of robust strength and quality suggesting a powerful driving experience.

    Expressing the new styling cues of the DS brand, DS 4 Crossback features the new DS Wings grille, reflecting its strong character and extreme sophistication.


    Designed to resemble stones in their setting, the new DS LED Vision headlamps are key features in the expressive styling of DS 4 Crossback. Meeting high standards in lighting quality, they also illustrate the refinement and attention to detail of the DS brand.


    An invitation to get away from it all! DS 4 Crossback satisfies your quest for urban and extra-urban adventure. With styling features including wheel arch embellishments, a black front end and spoiler, and roof bars, it reflects your passion for travel.


    Exclusive driving thrills that make everyday life easier with: – a raised driving position and panoramic windscreen for improved visibility and a more relaxed drive, – body-hugging seats, a steering wheel with a broad flat section and a confident road feel to steer a sharper course, – outstanding technology with new, more powerful and more fuel-efficient engines mated to a latest-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox, – a new touch-sensitive navigation system and a a range of modern connected services including MirrorLink® and CarPlay® to maintain permanent contact between DS 4 Crossback and its driver.


    Sit in body-hugging seats, hands wrapped around the soft leather steering wheel and cast your eyes over DS 4 Crossback’s impressive interior. The leather has been through a 21 hour process to ensure it looks, feels and smells right. It takes our craftsmen several painstaking hours to put it all together. We think the results are worth the extra effort.


    Exclusive driving thrills that make everyday life easier with:

    – a raised driving position and panoramic windscreen for improved visibility and a more relaxed drive

    – body-hugging seats, a steering wheel with a broad flat section and a confident road feel to steer a sharper course

    – outstanding technology with a new, more powerful and more fuel-efficient BlueHDi turbo diesel engine mated to a latest-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox

    – a new touch-sensitive navigation system and a a range of modern connected services including MirrorLink® and CarPlay® to maintain permanent contact between DS 4 Crossback and its driver.


    Enjoy the uncluttered cabin and high-tech environment designed for your comfort and driving pleasure. A sense of flowing lightness is created by the touch screen, simplifying the dashboard, and the new EAT6 automatic gearbox. The onboard experience becomes truly remarkable, taking on a new dimension that can be enjoyed by you and your passengers.


    The new 7-inch colour touch screen gives you access to the navigation system, along with a range of functions relating to the audio system and connectivity (Bluetooth, USB port and CD player).

    DS 4 Crossback’s Mirror Screen shows your smartphone’s content on the 7-inch touch screen. It works with Apple’s CarPlay® technology or Mirror Link® for other smartphones.

    It is also coupled to the reversing camera.


    Intelligent Traction Control works with the ESP to stop you getting stuck in slippery conditions.

    By checking throttle input, gradient and wheel spin, Intelligent Traction Control manages power to the front wheels.

    Independently controlling the power improves traction on low-grip surfaces and makes cornering faster and more dynamic.


    Illustrating the exclusive expertise and know-how of the DS brand, DS LED Vision technology delivers superior lighting performance, in terms of both width and length. The difference in performance is visible for both the low-beam and high-beam functions. In addition to its distinctive design, this technology includes two key benefits to improve your safety and well-being:

    – power consumption reduction by 38% compared with halogen headlamps

    – significantly increased lighting power


    A state-of-the-art safety feature for increased visibility. An LED lights up in one of the door mirrors to warn drivers of the presence of a car or motorcycle in their blind spot.


    Your DS 4 Crossback comes with an efficient braking system including:

    – ABS (Anti-Blocking System) to adjust braking pressure electronically and stop the wheels locking

    – Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to distribute braking power evenly to all wheels

    – Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) to boost braking power instantly when the driver stamps on the brakes.


    In speed limiter mode, you select a maximum speed that must not be exceeded. If you try to go faster than the set speed, the accelerator pedal becomes inactive. However, you can override the setting if necessary by stamping down on the pedal. In cruise control mode, you select the cruising speed to be maintained by your DS 4 Crossback without using the accelerator. A real advantage in terms of comfort! You can take back control of your speed at any time by slowing down or accelerating.


    DS 4 Crossback includes a function coupled to the automatic windscreen wipers that turns on the sidelights and the low-beam lights in the event of poor light or rain. The rear lights and number plate light are also lit up.

    As soon as the level of light becomes sufficient again,or the windscreen wipers stop, the lights switch off automatically.


    This smart function shines an extra beam of light into bends, increasing visibility and safety in corners and at junctions. This increased visibility allows drivers to spot other users and obstacles at an earlier stage when cornering. This function may be activated automatically based on the angle of rotation of the steering wheel, or when the corresponding indicator is switched on.


    The front and rear parking sensors provide simple assistance for parking manoeuvres. Four sensors in the bumper inform drivers of an obstacle in the detection area, when the vehicle is travelling at less than 10 kph. The sound signal increases in frequency as the vehicle approaches the obstacle, turning into a continuous beep when the obstacle is less than 30 centimetres away.


    The tyre pressure monitoring system functions continually during driving to detect any loss of pressure that could adversely impact the stability of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers.


    DS 4 Crossback aims to make your life easier. The keyless entry and start system recognises the driver as they approach the car. Placing a hand behind the handle opens the door. Pressing the START button starts the engine. To lock the car, just brush one of the handles.


    Your DS 4 Crossback places real emphasis on your comfort and that of your passengers with its automatic air-conditioning system featuring a REST function and three modes: light, medium and intense. This function is very useful for short stops, since it maintains the ventilation for passengers for a few minutes after the engine is switched off. The availability of this function naturally depends on the charge level of the battery. The ventilation can be switched on and off by pressing the REST button. The air flow and distribution are controlled automatically.


    For an even better high-tech performance, a warning system measures the distance from obstacles, using an audio signal at the front and a camera at the rear. When combined with the new 7-inch touch screen, the reversing camera sends a colour picture to the cabin screen. Drivers can then use the coloured guidelines to manœuvre safely.



  • You might expect a car with the all-road capability of DS 4 Crossback to struggle on a smoother surface.

    It doesn’t, which is testament to our team of talented engineers. By redesigning the suspension of DS 4 Crossback we’ve been able to raise its ride height by 30mm. But the really clever bit has been maintaining its well-honed handling as well as its ability to smooth out bumps in the road.


  • Enjoy the exceptional perfomance of the new EAT6 6-speed automatic gearbox. Featuring new ‘Quickshift’ technology which makes gear changes 40% faster, for seamlessly smooth progress.


  • DS 4 Crossback is available with a Euro 6-compliant 133kW BlueHDi turbo diesel engine that combines refinement, driveability, power and efficiency. A unique and innovative exhaust system removes 90% of Nitrogen Oxide emissions while CO2 emissions (113g/km) and fuel consumption (4.3l/100km combined cycle) have been reduced too.

    This engine is equipped with Stop&Start technology. This cuts the engine when you’re stationary and restarts it automatically when you need it again. The 133kW BlueHDi has the most efficient system available: it restarts the engine in 400milliseconds rather than the more usual 800ms – so quick you’ll hardly notice it.





    – 133kW BlueHDi turbo diesel with Stop&Start

    – 6 speed automatic

    – Keyless entry and start

    – 7″ touch screen display

    – Mirror Screen – with MirrorLink® and CarPlay®

    – ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

    – Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA)

    – Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Intelligent Traction Control

    – Leather trim with heated front seats

    – Front sports seats with electric lumbar adjustment and massage function

    – Panoramic windscreen with individual sliding sun blinds

    – DS LED Vision directional Xenon headlights

    – Headlight washers

    – LED Daytime Running Lights

    – Front LED fog lights with cornering function

    – Automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers

    – Automatic illumination of headlamps

    – Gloss black door mirrors, rear spoiler and front bumper inserts

    – 17″ ‘Canberra’ black alloy wheels

    – Tyre pressure monitors

    – Blind spot monitoring

    Optional features

    – 18″ ‘Brisbane’ black alloy wheels




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