As you explore the award winning all New Grand C4 Picasso, you’ll find a best-in-class 7 seater car, with boldness and high quality detailing never seen in a people mover before. We call it Technospace – the combination of Créative Technologie along with an ambiance which lets the world inside. 

Now with
Australia’s first 6 year unlimited kilometre warranty* and Roadside Assist.
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Zenith Windscreen and Panoramic Glass Roof

The wide-angle panoramic ‘Zenith’ windscreen increases visibility and driving enjoyment. A generous glass roof allows natural light to flood into the cabin, providing a bright and airy space for all occupants.

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Space for 7

With 7 seats, the Loft-inspired interior of the all New Grand C4 Picasso was designed to be versatile and uncluttered, providing the best combination of cabin space and accessibility.  

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A Versatile Interior

The 2 outer second row seats can be folded forward, making it easy to gain access to the comfortable third row seats, which can be raised or lowered with one hand in an instant.

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Class Leading Boot Capacity

With the new Efficient Modular Platform 2, the all New Grand C4 Picasso has the widest boot in its class, with over 700 litres of space. A stylish, wide opening tailgate makes it effortlessly accessible – Electric tailgate is also available as an option.

Unrivalled Space
& Versatility



360° View Camera

Using four cameras placed around the car, you can have control over your environment. Select to display a bird’s eye view, a rear view or a panoramic front view which reassures you of safer manoeuvers.


Blind Spot Monitoring

If a vehicle has moved from behind up to 3 meters away, a bright orange light flashes in the wing mirror on the relevant side to alert you.


Lane Departure Warning System

A miniature camera mounted in the base of the rear view mirror senses when white lines are crossed accidentally and warns the driver with vibrations through the seat belt - Feature available as an option. 


Active Cruise Control

Sophisticated active cruise control senses when the car in front slows down and automatically adjusts road speed accordingly. The system regulates acceleration and deceleration within a 25 km/h - Feature available as an option.


Park in tight places with ease 

The all New Grand C4 Picasso automatically takes care of parking. All you have to do is manage acceleration and braking with help from the display and audible beeps. Sensors measure the available parking space with only 20cm required at the front and back.



High-Tech Engine with Low CO2

The new Euro 6 110kW diesel engine is equipped with CITROËN's new BlueHDi and Stop & Start technology, which increases performance and sharply reduces NOx (by 90%) while cutting CO2 emissions through the use of a new additive called “AdBlue.”


High-Performance & Fuel Efficiency

The all New Grand C4 Picasso comes with the next generation fully automatic 6 speed gearbox, resulting in faster gear changes, less noise and more fuel efficiency (4.5L/100km combined cycle)

Dynamic road behaviour
& less emissions

Créative Technologie

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