Capped Price Servicing

Capped Price Servicing

To get the best from your new Citroën’s important that it’s cared for as required. Here’s some tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly for many years to come.

All new Citroën vehicles come with Capped Price Servicing, which means you will always know the maximum amount you will pay for your first 6 services.

We want to make sure there’s no surprises, so make sure you check out the price of each of your services using our Capped Price Servicing calculator

Some important things to know:

•    Service Regularly – Even if you don’t drive your car much, it’s important to make sure you still service your car every 12 months. Oils, seals and other items can age with time and need replacement regularly still.

•    Use the right oil – Citroën engines are highly advanced and efficient engines, and as such need high quality engine oil used to get the best performance and endurance.

•    Factory Upgrades – Once in a while, the factory releases software, or other upgrades for the engines which can improve performance and endurance so it’s wise to service with an Authorised Citroën Dealer who can check if your car is eligible for any of these upgrades.

•    Save money – only Citroën dealerships have factory trained Technicians and access to diagnostic equipment, so if there is any problem, they will get the diagnosis done quicker, ultimately saving you money on costly diagnosis fees from other repairers.

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