Citroen Confidence Service Price Promise

Service your Citroen with the experts!

When it comes to peace-of-mind, there is no substitute for quality and certainty. With an extensive history in automotive manufacturing dating back to 1919, Citroen knows what’s important when it comes to servicing your Citroën.

Citroen Confidence Service Price Promise provides you with a quality service for a maximum price nationally for each of the first five (5) scheduled services* (conducted annually or at specified km milestones, whichever occurs first).

When your vehicle’s scheduled service falls due, visit the Citroen Australia website, select your vehicle and the appropriate service interval from the service price calculator and that is the maximum price you will pay for the service interval selected at participating Citroen Authorised dealers*.

With Citroen Confidence Service Price Promise you’ll know the maximum price of your next standard scheduled service and we will ensure that the price remains valid for whole of the calendar year.


* The full terms and conditions of CITROËN Confidence Service Price Promise is available here