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Citroën OLI [all-ë] Concept Car

Citroën Oli [all-ë]

Getting Electric on the right track
Designing electric cars is good. But for us that’s not enough.

Our Citroën Oli [all-ë] concept car has been made as light as possible to consume as little electricity as possible while guaranteeing a range of 400 km. It has been designed with recycled and recyclable parts to extend its life. So, are we all on board?


We have fully designed the Citroën Oli [all-ë] to be as light as possible.
A roof and bonnet made of a lightweight cardboard honeycomb structure that is stronger than steel.
Seats made of only 3 parts with extremely light materials.
A purposely uncluttered and functional dashboard.


Citroën Oli [all-ë] has taken the gamble of retaining the essential features without compromising on your comfort.
Lighter air conditioning to reduce power consumption: the 90° windscreen angle and sloping windows naturally repel the sun’s rays to optimise the temperature on board.
The driver’s smartphone and portable speakers are all that’s needed and can be integrated directly into the dashboard.


Citroën Oli [all-ë] is designed with recycled and recyclable parts that are easy to repair and replace, thus extending its life

Identical and interchangeable parts to reduce costs and the use of raw materials: front doors and windows, bumpers and wheel arch contours. These parts fit on both the left and right sides of the vehicle. And vice versa.

Citroën Oli [all-ë]’s mission is to inspire the future of affordable, sustainable and joyful family mobility

Much more than a car, this concept car is a versatile companion and adds a good dose of fun to your daily life, useful whether or not you’re driving it.


A bold step for the future of Citroën

For Citroën, imagining a world where personal mobility is within everyone’s reach is an established idea. This manifesto takes the form of a surprising concept car full of clever ideas to shake things up. A roadmap for an optimistic and functional electric mobility to improve the daily lives of all in the near future.

AMI does things differently

Particularly innovative, ami is committed to making electric mobility accessible to all. AMI stimulated the brand’s creativity to come up with Citroën Oli [All-ë] concept, which counters the current industry trend towards building ever heavier, more complex and more expensive electric vehicles.