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The Bay Crits is recognised as the fastest criterium series in the world and offers a spectacular way to kick start the new year.

Citroën is excited to have joined the Bay Crits family as the naming rights partner for the 2023 Citroën Bay Crits in Geelong Victoria this January.

Throughout our 103 year history Citroën has been a daring brand, close to people. Cycling perfectly encapsulates this bold attitude and closeness: it appeals to a huge number of people of all ages, in numerous countries around the world. And we have been involved with the AG2R team.

And now the 2023 Citroën Bay Crits is an exciting way for us to continue our cycling journey right here in Australia, by getting involved and supporting the Bay Crits community.


An invitation to serenity

All- new Citroën C5 X is a unique combination of the elegance of a sedan, the dynamism of a wagon and the elevated driving position of an SUV. It offers real peace of mind thanks to the CitroënAdvanced Comfort™ program, with a passenger compartment reminiscent of a lounge area.

To simplify life on board, All- New Citroën C5 X offers cutting-edge technology like semi-autonomous driving and a new communications interface on a HD touchscreen with voice recognition.


Unique comfort

The passenger compartment of the All-New Citroën C5 X gives a real sense of warmth, serenity and spaciousness.

A generous space designed to invoke a sense of welcoming comfort with attention to detail and unprecedented practical touches for a real invitation to travel.

Plus, the Citroën's Advanced Comfort™ suspension is designed to recreate the flying-carpet effect of iconic Citroëns and to overcome obstacles, speed bumps and other road imperfections is standard across the New Citroën C5 X range.

On board New Citroën C5 X, you’ll experience a supreme feeling of wellbeing and driving pleasure thanks to Suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™. This helps to give driving a real flying carpet effect across slight compressions and avoids any rebound effect on poor road surfaces.

A Citroën innovation for a new experience in comfort.


A range to meet your needs

Take advantage of the wide range of accessories available with New C5 X. Need space to transport your luggage? Choose from a complete range of roof bars and boxes. Want to drive a Citroën that reflects you? Express your personality with the many personalisation accessories available.



Thank you for visiting the Citroën Comfort Zone at the 2023 Bay Crits today, your local dealership will be in touch to chat with you about the All-New Citroën C5 X and your Citroën needs.


The winners of our Bay Crits Hot Lap competition will be annouced here on 30th December, 2022.